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YELLOWSTEPS is a company specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative orthopaedic and spinal products in full collaboration with healthcare professionals.


Our surgeon’s partners work in confidence with our team of medical devices experts to develop high quality technological and ease of use products to the benefits of patients.


WeMUST products : Stand Alone Cages with a strong patented device.


WeCOVER: New Cervical plate with simple instrumentation.

Sterile packaged

All our products are STERILE packaged for complete traceability and secure handling for the comfort of patients. Traceability stickers and notice of instructions are provided in simple and ease of use packaging to guaranty security and optimal handling. STERILE packaging is available to all our spinal ìmplants from Cages to Pedícle screws either in double packaged boxes or tube to optimize inventory and handling management.






Discover our products in 3D

Download and test our brand new FREE application on the App Store. A 3D implant Viewer for our spinal products, developed for iPhone and iPad. it allows you to check every details and technical 
aspects with a very smooth 3D view. YES, take a look, you will enjoy this wonderful tool . 


Down load the new APPLICATION and get to know more about the WeMUST technology !!!! A patented locking device!!!




Visit us at EUROSPINE 2018 September 19-21, Barcelona, Spain.


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